Linear Or Not Story Objects

Textures form a vast ocean of senses. They teach us about context, they are timeless obsessions. Every concrete piece is one.

Linear or Not is a London based contemporary jewellery brand, exploring the worlds of material, form, texture and words through a small series collections of concrete objects. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted and unique, with focus on minimalism and architectural lines.


Concrete, unlike gold or silver, comes with no instructions or guidelines for making jewellery. To bring out the best of the material, we’ve worked on a concrete mix that allows our objects to be delicate, smooth and light. Concrete becomes timeless through change. It evolves with the person who wears it. With time and emotions, it gets darker, shinier but never rough or fragile. Wear it with excitement, as it is not a piece that can remain unnoticed.

How it started.

Parallel to my long-standing passion for contemporary jewellery, I became extremely interested in the cultural influence of concrete, not only on architecture but on our societies and lives.

For many years I lived surrounded by soviet style buildings that are common anywhere in Eastern Europe. There the communist idea of unity and shared space was somehow best transformed into shape through the means of brutalist suburban blocks. As Owen Hatherley said it, “brutalist architecture was a political aesthetic, a weapon, dedicated to the precept that nothing was too good for ordinary people”, and that was always the case in the surroundings while I was growing up. But it wasn’t until my work in London introduced me to the Barbican, and for the past two years, its towers have been the first thing I see when I get off the tube. Every morning, their monumental shadows would leave me with a feeling of wholeness and breath of thoughts that had to be explored.

Linear or Not is an attempt for that.

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